12 Best Beginner Drum Sets in 2018

If you are just starting out with playing the drums, then getting a full sized professional kit may seem like a daunting prospect.

With the use of a beginner drum set you will enable you to get a true taste of it during the process of learning.

The best beginner drum set will have the qualities that make it easy for a beginner to use, such as including instructions that will assist a beginner with the basics.

Top 12 Beginner Drum Sets Comparison Table

DesignNamePiecesColorsRating (1-5)
  1. Spectrum AIL 602 7-Pad Digital Drum Set 1 No 4.6
  2. Mendini by Cecilio Metallic Blue 13 Inch 3-Piece Junior Drum Set 3 Yes 4.5
  3. Gammon 5-Piece Junior Starter Drum Set Metallic Blue Kit 5 Yes 4.4
  4. Gammon 5-Piece Junior Starter Drum Set Metallic Blue Kit 5 Yes 4.3
  5. GP Percussion SK22 Complete Student Snare Drum Kit 5 Yes 4.1
  6. Mendini MDS80-GN Complete Full Size Senior 5-Piece 6-Ply Birch Wood Green Drum Set 1 No 4.1
  7. Ion Audio Redline Drums Illuminated Electronic Drum Kit 5 Yes 4.0
  8. Best Choice Products Drum Sets-1263 5 Piece Complete Adult Drum Set with Cymbals 5 Yes 3.9
  9. GP Percussion GP55BK 5-Piece Junior Drum Set with Cymbals and Throne in Metallic Black 3 Yes 3.8
  10. Spectrum AIL 620B 3-Piece Junior Drum Set with 8-Inch Crash Cymbal and Drum Throne 3 Yes 3.8
  11. Alesis DM6 USB Kit | Eight-Piece Compact Beginner Electronic Drum Set 8 No 3.7
  12. Westminster Desktop Drum Set 3 Yes 3.3

Beginners: Don’t Forget About These Small Details

The drum set contains everything you need to get started, but there are a few individual pieces that you still might want to purchase separately.

The stool choice matters in terms of height and durability. Look for a well-constructed seat made of highly durable material (real leather) and something that is comfortable for you to sit on.

You may also want to purchase a pair of drumsticks separately, because usually those included with the kit are only of average quality.

Features Required of a Beginner Drum Set

There are a number of aspects of a drum set that will be required by a beginner to enable them to start the process of learning to play the important percussion instrument. These can include:

  • Cymbals – Cymbals are a type of percussion instrument that can be used alongside drums. They make it possible to add a different dimension to the sound of the drums, making it possible to play softly when it is necessary as part of a song.
  • Drums – There are a variety of drum types that make up a full set, such as bass, toms and snares.
  • Pedal – A pedal is used with the bass drum and will prevent the need to buy one separately.
  • Instructions – Whether this is provided via a manual, a DVD or a link to an online tutorial, instructions can be a great help to those seeking to learn to play the drums. Even if they intend to undertake lessons with a professional, the instructions can still be used between the lessons.
  • Drumsticks – Drumsticks are important as they make all the difference in how comfortable the drums are to play and the strength of the sound that can be produced. Consider whether you will need different sticks for use with the cymbals and high-hat.
  • Stool – It is important to be comfortable while playing the drums in order to play well and to continue for as long as necessary. A stool will make this possible.

A beginner drum set will also often be a little smaller than a standard full sized one, which will make it easy to find a place for it.

It will also be possible to find a beginner drum set that is suitable for children.

Top 4 Best Beginner Drum Set Reviews

1. Spectrum AIL 602 7-Pad Digital Drum Set

The Spectrum AIL 602 is a digital drum set that provides a number of different pads on one console, which makes it easy to practice playing the drums.

Despite the seven pads being on one console, it is highly versatile as the pads can be specifically assigned to make it easy to play.

The digital style makes it easy to record music and to create effects by connecting it to other equipment. Within the package itself, it also includes 20 preset kits, a demo song and 215 voices.

The downloadable instruction video is very handy for those that are learning to play the drums.

It comes with a stand that comprises non-slip feet, two foot pedals and a pair of drumsticks

The Spectrum AIL 602 is the best beginner drum set for those who want an easy to use electric drum set that offers excellent learning tools.

2. Cecilio Mendini Drum Set MJDS-1-BL

The Mendini drum set by Cecilio under code MJDS-1-BL is ideal for children as it is exactly like one for an adult, except on a smaller scale, which makes it easier for small hands to handle.

The set comprises a bass, tom, snare and cymbals and – coupled with the accessories included as part of the package – it comes with everything needed to immediately start playing.

The bass drum is 13” so it is a good size.

It requires assembly and it is easy to put together to be able to start playing straight away.

The stool that comes with it is adjustable so it is suitable for children of different heights, and it is padded so it remains comfortable over long periods.

The shell is available in a number of different metallic colors.

The Mendini by Cecilio drum set is a great fit for children across a range of ages.

3. Gammon Percussion Junior Five-Piece Drum Set

The Gammon Percussion Junior is a five-piece drum set that is ideal for children between the ages of around 3 – 10 years as the size will enable them to play it easily.

The 16” bass drum comes with a floor tom, two toms on mounts, a snare and cymbals. The five-piece drum set is complemented by a stand, drum sticks and pedals, so it can be set up and played straight away.

It is effectively a miniature version of a drum set that an adult could expect to play, rather than a toy, so it is made to a high quality.

It has stylish chrome rims and it has a high-gloss surface, which makes it look good as well as be able to produce a great sound.

The Gammon Percussion Junior drum set is an excellent way to introduce children to an instrument.

4. Gammon 5-Piece Junior Starter Drum Set

This drum set from Gammon is an ideal one for an adult who is beginning to learn how to play. This is due to the fact that is comes with everything needed from a drum set that is ready to play.

It is a five-piece set comprising four drums and cymbals and the requisite stands for them. Once it is set up, you can immediately start playing.

The toms can be adjusted in their stands and fixed into the position that is most comfortable to play. The included stool can be adjusted to add to the comfort level.

It also comes with a pair of wooden drumsticks and a pedal.

The Gammon Percussion adult drum set comes with an instructional DVD that is ideal for beginners looking to develop some drumming skills.

As well as being easy to play, this drum set also looks good with its high shine finish and is available in black and blue.

The Gammon Percussion Adult drum set provides a way for a beginner to learn in a professional manner.