12 Best Beach Umbrellas in 2018

Looking for the best beach umbrella can be overwhelming; especially since you cannot anticipate how such a product will hold up with time and use. Not to mention that every product is advertised as being the very best in its department, but that isn’t always the truth.

Nonetheless, purchasing a beach umbrella is a necessity, since it protects you from the harmful UV rays. So, it’s a convenient, compulsory acquisition that will make your holiday time much more enjoyable.

Before you make a decision, make sure you consider our recommendations. We have carefully reviewed each product before adding it to this buying guide.

Top 12 Beach Umbrellas Comparison Chart

DesignNameWeightWindproofRating (1-5)
  1. Commercial Grade Beach Umbrella with Ash Wood Pole & Carry Bag 14 lbs. 5/5 4.6
  2. beachBUB All-In-One Beach Umbrella System 9 lbs. 5/5 4.6
  3. Beach Umbrella Rainbow Includes Carry Bag 8 lbs. 5/5 4.5
  4. Sport-Brella Portable All-Weather and Sun Umbrella 9 lbs. 4/5 4.4
  5. Tommy Bahama 2016 Sand Anchor 7 feet Beach Umbrella 4.2 lbs. 4/5 4.3
  6. Coolibar UPF 50+ 6′ Titanium Beach Umbrella 3.2 lbs. 4/5 4.3
  7. Nautica 7 Foot Beach Umbrella 4.5 lbs. 4/5 4.3
 8. Ultimate Wondershade, Portable Sun Shade, Red 8.9 lbs. 3/5 4.2
  9. Sport-Brella X-Large Umbrella 10 lbs. 4/5 4.2
  10. Rainbow Multi Color Patio & Beach Umbrella with Wind Vent  7.8 lbs. 4/5 4.2
  11. Rainbow Beach Umbrella Heavy Duty Design Includes Sand Anchor & Carry Bag 7.3 lbs. 4/5 4.1
  12. Platinum 6.5 ft Polyester 100 UPF Beach Umbrella with Vent & Tilt 5.5 lbs. 3/5 4.0

Where Do You Intend to Use the Beach Umbrella?

Before making a purchase, it’s highly recommended to establish how you intend on using the umbrella. As it is implied, the best beach umbrella is designed for spending time by the sea.

Nonetheless, such an item can be functional in other scenarios as well, such as a picnic party, an outdoors gathering, so on and so forth.

On that note, if you want to use the same umbrella in various backgrounds, you should indicate which one fits all these specifications. That applies in particular when it comes to the design of the umbrella.

Selecting the Right Size

The perfect size to the ideal beach umbrella depends on each buyer’s needs. If you’re looking for a product that would accommodate your entire family, you should carefully consider purchasing an umbrella with a large diameter.

If you want a product for you and your partner alone, opting for a smaller size is more convenient.

Another aspect you should consider is the length of the pole. This has a direct influence on the stability and support of the umbrella.

One more thing; it is implied that the bigger the size of the umbrella, the larger its pole diameter. In plain English, such an item won’t be as easy to transport as others.


A durable, well-made beach umbrella is manufactured with high-quality materials.

You should find out that some fabrics perform better at deflecting harmful sun rays in comparison to others. Have a look at the ultraviolet protection factor (UPF), which highlights the level of protection provided by the material. Bear this in mind – the higher the UPF number, the better.

Also, the best beach umbrella for wind should have proper venting. That ensures that the air ventilates accordingly, surviving unfortunate windy situations.

Pay attention to the way in which the product is crafted, and that will tell you a lot of its durability.

How Do You Want to Anchor the Beach Umbrella?

You have three options: choosing a typical spike that you put into the sand, an auger, or sandbags that have the purpose of weighing the umbrella down.

Many buyers prefer the auger; however, pay attention to how it’s made. Even though metal ones may rust, over time, they are far more durable than plastic ones.

The pole is another critical component of the beach umbrella. Ideally, it should come in separate sections, to ensure that everything is securely fitted.

Top 4 Best Beach Umbrella Reviews

1. Commercial Grade Beach Umbrella

This umbrella is a versatile acquisition and it is well-made. Manufactured with stainless steel springs, and zinc-plated steel ribs, this is a sturdy, durable product that is made to last.

This is the first impression we got after setting up the umbrella. Being 7.5 ft. wide, this offers ample shade, providing you with a safe spot to relax.

The choice of fabric is also an attractive feature; in comparison with other products, its construction is stiff and tight, which maximizes the level of protection.

To make this product even more attractive, we will tell you that it comes accompanied by a 5-year guarantee.

2. beachBUB All-In-One Beach Umbrella System

Why let the sun bother you when you can choose a high-quality umbrella such as the one manufactured by beachBUB?

This is quite a popular product in its department, and we wanted to see what the fuss was all about. We got hooked as well.

For starters, the item is durable and attentively designed. In spite of the high-quality construction, this isn’t cumbersome or difficult to install. On the opposite, it is lightweight and setting it up on the beach is a breeze.

And finally, its windproof capacity is excellent.

3. Impact Canopies Beach Umbrella

This is a large beach umbrella that facilitates enough shade for a large sitting area. We think it could easily accommodate about five persons.

We tested its performance on windy days since the wind cannot be escaped, in particular by the beach. Based on our experience, we believe this would resist windy days with brio.

Since it’s so easy to install, you don’t have to spend a lot of your time setting it up.

The typical, rainbow-inspired design is also cute and is especially appropriate for happy days by the beach.

All in all, this is a beach umbrella you’ll enjoy having whenever the sun or wind begins bothering you. It is, indeed, a convenient acquisition.

4. Sport-Brella Portable All-Weather and Sun Umbrella

The thing with large umbrellas is that they are difficult to cope with, in the case of windy situations.

Nonetheless, due to its unique design that resembles that of a tent, this one behaves excellently in windy and sunny scenarios alike.

It weighs nine lbs. and it is surprisingly lightweight, considering its generous capacity. This is the perfect acquisition for spending a pleasant time by the beach with the extended family.

We believe that this umbrella is best for families with children since it keeps them safe from the sun’s rays. That is because a typical sun umbrella isn’t sufficient while a tent tends to get too hot. This is the perfect solution.

It is also easy to set up, which is a feature that many buyers loved, we included.

Not only is this umbrella excellent for hot days, but it is also great on chilly days if it starts to rain.

The best beach umbrella is an essential purchase that will make you enjoy the most out of the time you spend outdoors. Luckily, by being well-informed, you can make the perfect purchase.