12 Best Batteries for Car Audios in 2018

Most modern cars and vehicles on the road have a stereo and you can even pop one into a T-Model Ford if you so choose. The same can be said for speakers, but if you want something a little more out of your audio system, you’re going to want an amp, sub and a high-end head unit.

Our list of the best battery for car audio use includes twelve of the top batteries for sound systems that need something reliable. These are all built for stereo or dual-purpose usage, and we’ve included a size for everyone.

Top 12 Batteries for Car Audios Ultimate Table

DesignNameTerminal TypeWattsRating (1-5)
  1. XS-Power-D3100 Internal Threaded 4,000 4.8
  2. Shuriken SK-BT35 12-Volt High Performance AGM Power Cell Battery Internal Threaded 800 4.8
  3. Stinger SPV44 660-Amp Power Series Dry Cell Battery Top Post (Brass) 1,320 4.7
  4. XS Power D925 XS Series 12V 2,000 Amp AGM High Output Battery Internal Threaded 1,000 4.6
  5. Optima Batteries 8040-218 D35 YellowTop Dual Purpose Battery Top Post NA 4.4
6. Kinetik HC600 BLU Series 600-Watt 12-Volt High Current AGM Car Audio Power Cell Battery Top Post 600 4.4
7. Viper VP-600 600 Watt Car Audio Battery Internal Threaded 600 4.4
8. XS Power D3400 XS Series 12V 3,300 Amp AGM High Output Battery Internal Threaded 2,500 4.4
  9. Kinetik KHC2400 2400-Watt 12-Vault Power Cell Internal Threaded 2,400 4.1
  10. XS Power XP950 XP Series 12V 950 Amp AGM Supplemental Battery Internal Threaded 950 3.9
  11. Stinger SPP1200 1200 Amp SPP Series Dry Cell Battery Top Post (Brass) 2,400 3.8
  12. Kinetik HC1800 1900A High Current Power Cell Car Audio Battery Top Post 1,800 3.8

Battery Buying Guide for Audiophiles

Most car batteries can handle a “normal” sound system. That said, the wattage required for your ear-busting bass could leave your battery dead. Audiophiles tend to enjoy parking lots and meets, which generally require sitting in your car, not driving it. That means the alternator isn’t recharging your main juice box in most cases, so a secondary battery could be your best bet. Possibly several of them depending on your system.

Whether you need a backup battery for extended use or just want a solid power plant in your daily driver, our best battery for car audio list will help speed up your decision.

  • Usage – Do you plan on entering your car in a competition? If so, the field narrows significantly. You will want something big but will have to keep space in mind depending on your setup. Needless to say, you have more room to work with if you are in an SUV or than a Prius. On that note, Prius and other hybrid vehicles may require special attention so tread lightly if you have a specialized vehicle. The style is also something to consider as you don’t want a rack of ugly black batteries when everything else is blinged out.

Not everyone wants to burst eardrums, which means there are plenty of consumers looking for a “solid” battery, not several spares. If you fall into this category, the terminal type and overall size will be of more importance. If it doesn’t fit under the hood, it’s useless unless you are simply buying it as a backup battery just for your system.

  • Terminology – If you are an audiophile that’s been dealing with amps and capacitors for years, you are probably good to go and are not going to be confused by terminal types. Average consumers or newbies will have a tougher time however due to some of the buzz words and terminology used.

AGM tech is one of them and has been around since the 80s It stands for Absorbent Glass Mat and they are generally lighter and more efficient than the classic battery. These are spill-proof by design which is important for obvious reasons. Internal Resistance, valve regulated, and ultra-low ESR are other terms you will probably hear more often than not as well.

  • Terminal Type – This is another area that depends on what you need your battery for. All the batteries on our list have top terminals although some can be adapted to a degree. Internal thread posts are the most common, but not all batteries come with the posts needed. Some of those posts are nicer than others as well. If you need a dual-purpose battery, check your terminal type in your vehicle before choosing one geared towards car audio.
  • Shipping – Unless you’ve been dwelling under a rock, you may have learned that some items are extremely difficult to ship. We won’t go into the reasons why batteries can be found on the list of banned items, but it is definitely something you need to consider depending on where you live.

In the United States, there are federal regulations on batteries, but they can be shipped although possibly slower than you’d like. Well, for 48 of them anyway. Some states may have their own laws as well, so look before you leap when buying a large battery online.

Top 5 Best Battery for Car Audio Reviews

1. XS Power D3100 Car Audio Battery

When dealing with car batteries, there are companies that make regular car batteries and companies that make specialty ones. The XS Power D3100 Car Battery falls into the latter category as it comes from a company that focuses on big batteries build for audio and performance. They may not be the most affordable solution on our list, but they are at the top for a very good reason. Quality and performance.

The XS Power D3100 is a bit of a monster. It measures 16.8” x 11.8” x 10.5” and weighs in at a whopping 79 pounds. Just let that sink in for a minute and be thankful it has a sturdy handle: you need to think about placement if it’s going on a rack or space is a concern. The 12 Volt battery has its cranking amps rated at 1,360 and uses the AGM tech we mentioned which makes it safe inside your ride.

The nature of this particular battery makes it a great fit for systems that require a battery to sit inside the car, not under the hood. It’s not flash, but has a nice clean design and comes with an internal threaded post setup on top.

2. Shuriken SK-BT35 AGM Power Battery

One of the things we love about car audio products is the names companies give their equipment and the names of the companies themselves. Fans of Kung Fu theater will appreciate the Shuriken SK-BT35 High-Performance battery which is built to shred your enemies in audio competition and possible puncture a few eardrums.

This 12 Volt battery is rated for systems up to 800 watts and offers up 950 cranking amps of starting power if needed. That said, it is built for audio systems which means you will get the aforementioned AGM tech, 35 amp hours and resistance against extreme heat and vibrations. It’s not nearly as big as our top pick at only 25 lbs. but won’t look nearly as slick in a trunk or rack either.

3. Stinger SPV44 Power Series Dry Cell Battery

When we said we would include something for everyone, that includes people that care about the looks along with the power. If you fall into that category, Stinger has you covered with the SPV44 which is a dry cell battery with plenty of style.

This battery has a vibrant Yellow top with removable brass terminals designed specifically for audio use. It is a dual purpose battery, however, which means it can also provide a 5-second cranking output of 300 amps if you want it under the hood. If not, you can get up to 1,320 watts and an internal resistance of 0.0011 ohms from this bad boy.

The Stinger SPV44 Power Series battery is safe and looks good, which makes it an amazing fit for our best battery for car audio list. It’s small enough to fit under most hoods with ease, fairly light at 36.5 pounds and will look great in a trunk or custom enclosure as well.

4. XS Power D925 XS Series Battery

Our second choice from XS Power is not quite as beefy as the first. That’s because not everyone needs a massive battery with 4,000 watts of power. If you are fine with around 1,000 watts, the D925 XS series battery is a fine choice. It’s smaller and less powerful, but still offers up the same quality construction found on its big brother. Well, that and the M6 terminal bolt.

You don’t have to worry about leaking acid, harsh road vibrations or extreme heat with the XS Power D925. It’s built to handle all those factors and has an ultra-low internal resistance to go along with that wattage. The 12 Volt battery offers up 550 cranking amps and is in the middle of the pack when it comes to weight at 24.2 lbs. It will look good no matter where you place it and is a solid option for systems in the middle of the pack.

5. Optima Batteries D35 Yellow Top Battery

If you walk into any brick and mortar store with an audiophile behind the counter and ask about a great battery for systems, they will probably say Optima. While the Optima comes in three different colors for three different purposes, we are only looking at the Yellow Top, which is one of the most popular choices around for audio enthusiasts.

The Optima D35 Yellow Top is a true “dual-purpose” battery with 650 cold cranking amps, SAE posts, and due to the fact it is seasonal. That means it can sit half the year without being used due to a low discharge rate. It’s deep-cycle and cranking power is better than most batteries in its class, and the AGM tech ensures it’s spill-proof and can be mounted in a wide array of positions in your car, truck or SUV.

The Yellow Top is only available in one size but is arguably the top option for a dual-purpose battery that can fire up your car and handle a reasonably sized audio system.