12 Best Bags for College in 2018

Whether you are just starting out at college or you are established on your course of study, you will find it necessary to carry a large number of items with you in order to successfully pursue a course of study.

This can include everything from a laptop to pens and it is prudent to prevent everything from rolling about together.

In order to get the best bags for college, it is essential to ensure that it has all the relevant features that you will need, including items like a laptop

By considering the manner in which you will be using it, you can ensure that you will only need one bag for your studies.

Top 12 Bags for College Ultimate Chart

DesignNameStyleColorsRating (1-5)
  1. Sweetbriar Classic Laptop Messenger Bag Messenger Yes 4.7
  2. Vbiger Cute Girls/boys Backpack for School College Laptop Bags Outdoor Daypack Backpack Yes 4.6
  3. Bolang Water Resistant Nylon School Bag College Laptop Backpack 8459 Backpack Yes 4.6
  4. SKORCH Small Size Canvas Messenger Bags for Men and Women Messenger No 4.5
  5. AmazonBasics Backpack for Laptops Backpack No 4.4
  6. Tinksky® New Arrival Korean Fashion Bag Vintage Backpack College Students Schoolbag Backpack Yes 4.4
  7. SmileDay Vintage Laptop Backpack for College School Backpack Yes 4.3
  8. Leaper Thickened Canvas Laptop Bag Shoulder Daypack School Backpack Causal Style Handbag Backpack Yes 4.3
  9. Kenox Casual Canvas Travel School College Backpack Backpack Yes 4.1
  10. ibagbar 14-Inch Large Canvas Shoulder Laptop Bag Messenger Yes 4.1
  11. Hmxpls Unisex Fashionable Canvas Zip Bohemia Boho Style Backpack School College Laptop Bag for Teens Girls Boys Students Backpack Yes 3.9
  12. Eshops Canvas Casual Backpack for Women & Girls Boys Backpacks for Middle School College Book Bags Backpack Yes 3.9

How to Choose a Bag for College

Think about the style of bag that you prefer for your time at college, such as a backpack or satchel. When choosing, consider whether it will be the right style in all the circumstances you will find yourself in during your time at college.

If you will need regular and quick access to particular items, such as keys, loose change or a travel pass, check the bag will be suitable to be used in this way, such as the position and number of exterior pockets.

Think about how secure it is and whether it contains any internal pockets that will be useful for storing items that you need to keep secure, such as a purse or wallet. Similarly, check whether it comprises as secret compartments that will enable you to note some identification detail to demonstrate that it is yours if it is stolen.

Features of the Best Bags for College

  • Appearance – The initial appearance will be one of the main considerations, as few people will be inclined to carry something they do not like. Similarly, it has to be appropriate to the circumstances and you have to bear in mind that it is to be used for college, not for a casual outing.
  • Size – To avoid the need to carry several bags, it is essential to ensure that the size of the bag is suitable for carrying the equipment you need as a student. Remember that this can include a laptop, tablet as well as books.
  • Compartments – A bag that comprises different compartments will be handy for storing items securely in a designated space, rather than everything being in one compartment and getting thrown about together. Pockets will make it possible to store small items.
  • Straps – Though grab handles can be a quick and easy way to pick up a bag, it does not offer any convenience when you need to use your hands. Accordingly, a bag that comprises a shoulder strap will enable you to use your hands freely without putting your bag down first. When considering this aspect, check whether the straps are thick enough – and maybe even padded – to ensure that it will remain comfortable when the bag is heavy.
  • Color – This aspect relates to the appearance and will play a part in it being appropriate for college. This can also play a part in it being distinguishable from other bags.
  • Price – With a wide range of bags on the market to choose from, it will be easy to find one that is cheap. However, bear in mind that cheap can often equate to poor quality, which will create a false economy when the bag breaks or rips and you need to buy a new one. Check the quality of the bag you choose rather than going for the cheapest.
  • Accessories – A bag that comprises accessories that will allow it to be used for different purposes will prove useful for college life. For example, an internal tote bag that can be separated can be used when only a smaller bag is required.

Top 4 Bags for College Reviews

1. Sweetbriar Classic Laptop Messenger Bag

The Sweetbriar Canvas bag is one in the style of a classic messenger bag, but which has modern qualities.

It is capable of accommodating a laptop and includes a padded compartment specifically for this purpose. It is available in two different sizes to be able to hold laptops of different sizes.

It is large enough to also be able to hold a number of other items.

There are external pockets that hold the clasps that secure the main compartment, in addition to a strong zipper. There are also metal buckles and vegan-friendly leather accents.

The cotton canvas from which it is made is available in a number of muted, earth colors.

The Sweetbriar Canvas is one of the best bags for college for a rugged style that hides up to date benefits.

2. Vbiger Nylon Backpack

The Vbiger Nylon bag has a typical backpack style that comprises two padded straps that are shaped to make them fit comfortably.

It is large enough to fit a large number of items, so the adjustable straps help to ensure that the bag will remain comfortable.

With it being made of nylon, it is waterproof and durable.

It comprises exterior pockets that are secured with zippers, as is the main one which is a double one.

It is available in a number of different colors and patterns, so it is easy to find one to meet your taste.

The Vbiger Nylon bag is a great bag for college as it offers all the qualities a student would need.

3. Bolang Water Resistant Nylon School Bag

The Bolang Water Resistant Nylon is the way to use a backpack stylishly, as it has a classy appearance in contrast to the casual look that can commonly be found.

The nylon from which this backpack is made makes for a lightweight result that is also water resistant.

There are two main compartments, one which is padded and capable of fitting a laptop that is up to 16” and it is secured with a zipper.

This Bolang backpack also comprises front pockets that are handily placed for small items, which adds to its ability to be ideal for college.

4. SKORCH Small Size Canvas Messenger Bags

The SKORCH Small Canvas bag manages to straddle the line between smart and casual. It is made from thick, black canvas and comprises a flap that provides extra security and is fixed with Velcro.

The strap is easy to adjust and is long enough to be worn across the body.

There is an internal zipped pocket that is handy for keeping small items safe.

Even when it is full, the bag retains its shape and looks good.

There are two front pockets that have their own flap.

The SKORCH Small Canvas bag is both compact and large enough to be useful.