12 Best Backpacks for Work in 2018

Being able to pack everything into a single bag and carry it on your back is ideal for chaotic commutes or for the person who works on the move. The real issue is that backpacks are almost always designed for anything but the workplace.

It can be very difficult to find all of the convenience of a backpack in a design that suits a serious business environment. That is, it was until now.

We have collected together the very best backpacks for work for you to look through. Here, you will also find all of the information and tips you need to make sure you get the highest quality for your money and a backpack that suits your working needs.

Top 12 Backpacks for Work Comparison Chart

DesignNameSize (Inches)ColorsRating (1-5)
  1. Uoobag KT-01 Slim Laptop Backpack Waterproof Anti-theft Bag 6.69 x 12.99 x 19.29 Coffee, Grey, Black 4.7
  2. Kopack Slim Business Laptop Backpacks Anti thief Tear / water Resistant Travel Bag 11.8 x 7.1 x 17.7 Light Grey, Black 4.7
  3. Canvas Backpack, P.KU.VDSL Laptop Backpack, Vintage Canvas Backpack 12.2 x 16.5 x 4.3 Blue, Grey, Khaki, Rose, Army Green, Deep Blue 4.6
  4. SwissGear SA1908 Black TSA Friendly ScanSmart Laptop Computer Backpack 13 x 18 x 9 Black 4.6
  5. SOLO 15.6″ Laptop Hybrid Briefcase Backpack 12 x 4 x 17 Grey 4.5
6. Laptop Briefcase Backpack, Evecase Water Resistant Convertible Laptop Canvas Briefcase Backpack 17.5 x 12.7 x 3.5 Grey 4.4
7. Case Logic WMBP-115 15.6-Inch Laptop and Tablet Backpack 12.2 x 10.6 x 17.7 Black, Acai, Anthracite, Ink, Pomegranate 4.4
8. ibagbar Canvas Backpack Rucksack Daypack Travel Bag 12 x 18 x 7 Black, Brown, Gray, Dark Gray, Blue Black 4.4
  9. BLUBOON Canvas Vintage Backpack Leather Casual Bookbag Men Rucksack 12 x 17.8 x 6.5 Black, Brown, Coffee, Green, Dark Brown, Gray 4.2
  10. Zebella Unisex Vintage PU Leather Backpack Laptop School College Bookback 17.8 x 14.3 x 1.5 Black, Brown, Light Brown 4.2
  11. Weekend Shopper Lightweight Canvas Leather Travel Backpack Rucksack School Bag 1.57 x 12.6 x 16.54 Black, Grey, Navy Blue4.2
  12. Mancro Business Water Resistant Polyester Laptop Backpack 20 x 12.2 5.7 Grey, Black, Coffee, Purple, Dark Indigo 4.2

A Serious Backpack for Serious Business

Considering most impressions are made within the first few seconds of meeting a person, it is crucial that every part of your attire is perfect. Most buyers forget about this when they go looking for a backpack for work.

It is a very difficult line to walk between utility and stylishness, to help you navigate this important purchase we have described the main features you should be considering all in this single guide.

The Difficulty of Finding A Backpack Suited for the Workplace

You obviously can’t use the same backpack that you use for hiking or carrying your gym clothes around when it comes to a more formal workplace; this doesn’t mean, however, that you need to carry around the equivalent of an old-fashioned briefcase with straps.

The backpack needs to perfectly match the work clothes that you wear. This means, if you work for a company that encourages more creativity then your backpack can be much less traditional than those who are required to wear formal wear on a day-to-day basis.

Above everything else the style of the backpack should match your dress code, to achieve this, you should consider:

  • Color – We have listed all of the available colors that these quality backpacks come in. Mostly the products are available in darker and more somber colors, but occasionally we have included brighter alternatives.
  • The Cut – While all of the backpacks on our list are intended for the workplace, they do differ in the style of the cut. Some are clearly intended to resemble travel-type backpacks, and others have a sportier feel; this is an important thing to focus on before deciding which backpack will suit you best.

The Two Main Features: Size and Storage

These two aspects are very closely related, but it doesn’t always mean that the bigger the backpack, the more storage it has. We have included the sizes on our list, and they are important to look at but not the only point you need to consider.

The perfect backpack for work is one that can not only hold all your items but will also organize them, and that requires the right combination of pockets and access points.

Here are some of the best storage points to look at:

  • A Separate Laptop SleeveThis needs to be well padded, and this usually means that it is tucked inside the main compartment. If you will want to access and stow your laptop on a regular basis, then you should look for a backpack with a separate sleeve for the device.
  • External PocketsWe believe that you can’t have enough external pockets, even if it feels like overkill at the beginning, you will quickly find a reason to use each one.
  • Netting For water bottles or items you want to keep close to hand.
  • Organizational PanelsThis will mean you can arrange all of those smaller items without having them loose in the backpack.
  • Cord StorageMany of the backpacks on our list come with built-in cord organizers, and this is a crucial extra for keeping your charging cables or headphones untangled.

Top 5 Best Backpacks for Work Reviews

1. Uoobag KT-01 Slim Laptop Backpack

For a versatile work backpack, the Uoobag KT-01 Slim Laptop Backpack is one of the best options out there. The first thing to note is the sleek look of this backpack. It has the external pockets that you want without looking like it is a bag for a student. The texture of the nylon material and the muted colors keep this bag looking professional.

For work, the look of the bag is just as important as the function. This bag has a pocket that fits laptops between 14-15.6 inches. In addition, there is also an iPad pocket and plenty of room for chargers, water bottles and anything else you might need.

The nylon material will keep your belongings protected from the weather, and the anti-theft dual zippers will keep everything secure in the bag when you are on the go. The combination of features and style make this bag perfect for work.

2. Kopack Slim Business Laptop Backpack

All of the best backpacks for work let you stay organized in the way that the Kopack Slim Business Laptop Backpack does. This bag has a zipper pocket on the back that is perfect for a laptop, and it also has pockets of various sizes on the interior.

The bag is made of water-repellent and tear-resistant nylon that protects the things you keep in your bag and means that the bag will last for a long time without getting worn out. The padding in the laptop pocket and in the shoulder straps, which keep the backpack as comfortable as possible, makes it perfect for long commutes.

The convenience of this bag is only compounded by the fact that it is slim. This is not a chunky bag that will make you look like you are carrying your life around. It is a sleek and slim bag that carries everything more efficiently.

3. KU.VDSL Canvas Backpack

The P.KU.VDSL Canvas Backpack is one that combines style and practicality in a perfect combination. As a result, this is the best backpack for work. It looks professional without losing the sense of individuality you want in an accessory. The canvas and the leather work perfectly together to give the bag a unique style, so it doesn’t just blend in with the stiff black briefcases.

The clean-cut, yet casual look of this bag means that it can work whether you are wearing a suit or a sweater. The size is also perfect for keeping a computer, notebook, phone, and anything else you might need for the day without adding too much volume.

The main benefit of this bag, aside from the obvious design features and beautiful craftsmanship is the fact that the bag is smaller. This keeps you organized and keeps you from lugging unnecessary things with you to and from work.

4. SwissGear SA1908

The SwissGear SA1908 is the perfect backpack for work, travel and general carrying. This is really a bag for the professional that just wants one backpack that does it all rather than having a laptop bag, a briefcase, and a tote.

This bag has obviously been designed for convenience and easy access to the things that are in the bag. The combination of pockets accommodates a laptop and personal items in an organized way and in a way that keeps it all protected. You can even keep folders and documents in the bag without worrying that they will get bent.

The main reason to invest in this bag is for organization. It is durable and spacious, but this would be nothing without the additional pockets and the specific compartments to keep everything in place.

5. SOLO 15.6 Laptop Hybrid Briefcase Backpack

The SOLO 15.6 Laptop Hybrid Briefcase Backpack is the most professional backpack that you will find for work. This bag has the openings and slots of a briefcase but in a well-organized setup. While this is a professional-looking bag, the material and the color make it versatile and suitable for casual wear too.

There is a padded pocket that has been specifically made to store your laptop as well as more than enough room for a few books, an iPad and exterior pockets for smaller items like pens and a wallet.

The reason to buy this work backpack is simple. It has the professional style of a briefcase as well as the capacity and the carrying convenience of the backpack or shoulder strap. This bag is sleek and simple so you can keep all of your work documents and laptop organized and protected on your commute.

The Deciding Factor

While all of the features that we have already listed are highly important, there is one more final factor that you should rate above everything else.

We have mentioned that a work backpack should be able to contain a laptop and all of your items securely but the protection the product provides should be your number one concern.

If you still are undecided which backpack is right for you, then look at the following points:

  • Is the backpack waterproof?  For those unexpected showers on the way to work.
  • Does it provide sufficient padding?  If you are going to be knocked about on a train, you need to make sure your items are protected.
  • Are the fastenings secure?  You don’t want everything spilling onto the floor as you place the backpack down.

If you consider all the factors we have mentioned and these deciding protection features, then you will definitely see that our top product is the best backpack for work.