12 Best ATVs in 2017

ATV’s are a great way for kids and adults to have fun, and they are perfect for any season. As their name implies, All-Terrain Vehicles also work on a wide variety of surfaces like mud, dirt, gravel, and grass of course. If you’ve been debating getting into the ATV game and do not have a motorsports shop in your region, you’ll be thrilled to know you can order these great little wonders online.

Being able to purchase an ATV online has its advantages, but also has a few drawbacks; mainly the fact your selection is going to be somewhat limited. While you won’t find any Grizzly or Artic Cat 4-wheelers on our list, we dug down deep to find the best ATV vehicles for general use including a few utility karts or UTVs built for family fun.

Top 12 ATVs Ultimate Table

DesignNameTire SizeHorsepowerRating (1-5)
  1. TAO TAO Brand model # ATA-125D 16-inches 110cc 4.0
  2. Coleman Powersports KT196 Gas Powered Off-Road Go Kart 16-inches 196cc 4.0
  3. ATA-110B1 TaoTao Kids Gas 110cc Sport ATV Unknown 110cc 3.9
  4. 125cc Sports ATV 8″ Tires with Reverse 19-inches 125cc 3.7
  5. Atv 110b Fully Automatic Atv 110cc 4 Stroke Engine 14-inches 110cc 3.6
6. 110cc Four Wheelers 6″ Tires Atvs, Spider Black Unknown 110cc 3.5
7. Full Size Atv 250cc 4 Gears with Reverse 20-inches 250cc 3.3
8. TAO TAO T FORCE MODEL 110CC 19-inches 110cc 3.3
  9. 125cc Four Wheelers 8″ Tires with Reverse 19-inches 125cc 3.2
  10. 150cc Four Wheelers 23″ Tires with Reverse 23-inches 150cc 3.0
  11. Brand new TAO TAO Brand Jeep Auto Style 110cc Engine Gokart 16-inches 110cc 2.6
  12. TaoTao Atv Rhino 250cc Big Rugged Wheels 23-inches 250cc 2.5

Let’s Talk About Speed

This is one of those areas that’s a moot point nowadays, but nobody wants to buy an ATV without seeing what it can do first. It comes down to the engine itself and the transmission, which lets you zip through the gears as you rocket down the road. Unfortunately, as our selection is somewhat limited the engine size and speed is going to be as well although we don’t consider 35 mph to be slow.

There are two general sizes of vehicles on our best ATV list with “kids” sized models and larger beasts. That means you can choose between 110cc and 250cc with most coming in at the lower end of the spectrum. That’s still plenty of pop, however; they just aren’t in the racing class. All of our picks also come with a governor or “kill switch” as well. The former allows you to set a top speed while the latter lets you kill the engine remotely in some cases.

Check the Tires & Tread

This one is a little tricky, and you need to ask yourself where you plan to ride. How well your new ATV does outdoors will depend on the type of terrain you’re trying to traverse along with the tires themselves. While we aren’t going to get too much of a selection here due to the fact most of these have “all purpose” tires, you may want to prepare to pick up another set. You can also avoid some confusion by knowing that the front tires are often slightly larger than the back.

Tires built for mud or wet conditions have a unique tread to deal with the elements while Motorcross or racing tires need stiffer knobs and a wider pattern than you’ll find on other styles. Off-Road tires can look similar to multi-purpose tires but will have thicker knobs and tread. There are “paddle” style tires for trucking through sand and ones made for snow as well. As for the size, we took care of that for you with a few exceptions where no (or conflicting) information was available.

Is Assembly Required?

Have you ever purchased a bike or big building kit and had a difficult time putting it together? Well, you will want to check, and double check to see just how assembled your new ATV will be when it arrives at your doorstep. Depending on your skill level with wrenches, you may be in for a rude surprise when a pallet is sitting in your driveway with boxes full of parts.

Most manufacturers don’t come out and tell you the percentage of your bike that arrives assembled. It can anywhere from 80% complete where you simply need to connect cables and slap on the handlebars and tires or require a full tool kit and a few friends. In other words, if you are not mechanically inclined, make this a large part of your buying decision as you don’t want the ATV coming apart underneath you if you’ve not put it together correctly.

Top 5 Best ATVs Reviews

1. TAO TAO ATA-125D Fully Automatic ATV

TAO TAO may not be a brand many people will be familiar with, but their ATA-125D is our top pick for the best ATV. It’s not quite a full-sized ATV regarding the power as it only has an 110cc motor attached to the chassis. That does not mean it is lacking when it comes to horsepower however as the air cooled 4-stroke engine can kick up some dirt on the trail.

This little beast can boogie down the road at speeds of around 30 mph. That depends on the weight of the rider along with the tires and terrain, but it has ample power for the younger crowd. On that note, like all of our picks, this one has a governor which lets you dial that speed back and set your top speed. You also get a remote kill switch just in case things get out of hand. The tires measure 16×8-7 and are “all purpose” with a decent amount of tread but not ideal for certain conditions.

This is a great entry level ATV for consumers that don’t need a big boy or want something kids can ride as well. It can handle around 200 pounds, but we were unable to find an absolute weight limit on this one. The usual three gears are present with Forward, Neutral and Reverse although it may have a little less torque than you’d like if you plan on taking on steep terrain.

2. Coleman Powersports KT196 Off-Road Go Kart

By definition, an ATV vehicle is one that can go off-road and works with all types of terrain. The Coleman Powersports KT196 doesn’t look like an old-school four wheeler, but it certainly performs like one. It’s one of only two machines to make the grade that can handle more than one rider, and it’s quite affordable considering what it can do.

The Coleman KT196 is a new style of ATV as it’s half dune buggy, half UTV. That stands for Utility Task Vehicle, and while it isn’t a full blown UTV, it isn’t quite a true buggy either. The hybrid has a metal storage rack above the motor to stow any gear you want to bring along for the ride and is powered by a quick 196cc 6.5-liter engine. It has a CVT torque converter system for some additional oomph and a full padded roll cage in case things get a little wild. Other features of interest include hydraulic disc brakes, a rack & pinion steering system, and two four-point safety harnesses.

The speed on this one varies depending on which model you choose, but the 6.5-liter engine can rocket up to over 50 mph with some tinkering if you don’t mind losing torque. In normal circumstances, you’re looking at around 20 mph with a weight limit of around 400 – 500 pounds. It will be able to handle two adults in most cases and traverse all types of terrain with ease if you roll solo.

3. TAO TAO ATA-110B1 Kids Gas Sport ATV

Our second option from TAO TAO shares a lot of similarities with the first, except this one is billed for Kids. That means it’s another smaller ATV with plenty of pizazz and a top speed close to 30 mph. As usual, you can take that down to a more manageable 5 mph or so with the governor screw or stop the action in an instant with the kill switch.

The ATA-110B1 Kids Sport ATV has an electric starter and is automatic, so no shifting is required – even if your child wants to. On the downside, and it’s a pretty big negative, there is no reverse gear on this model. That usually isn’t an issue considering you can simply go in a circle but can be if they become stuck and can’t hit reverse. From what we could gather, the “safe” weight limit is around 140 pounds although adults can have some fun as well depending on their size and weight.

Aside from not having reverse, the TAO TAO ATA-110B1 is a reliable ATV that’s a nice choice for beginners. Setting it up is relatively simple as well. It arrives in a steel cube, so you only need to slap a few components on and line things up rather than build an entire machine from the ground up. This one is available in classic Green Army or Pink Camouflage.

4. Coolster Sports ATV with Reverse

While only 125cc’s, the Coolster Sports ATV is the meanest looking little machine, we’ve come across in recent memory. It has knobby 19-inch tires in the front to go with 18-inch back tires and a suspension setup that your bones will thank you for after making a jump.

The Coolster ATV can hit the top end at around 43 mph without any significant adjustments although you can bump it down as needed for younger or less experienced riders. It can haul a maximum load of 220 pounds (including the rider), so it’s built more for kids than adults. The ground clearance is around 5.5-inches while the height to the seat is close to 28-inches. The rear brakes use a disc-based setup while the front braking system utilizes drums.

We are fans of this one due to its power and style, and while it is a great fit for younger riders, it is a geared ATV. It has a reverse gear along with neutral and 1-3, so they will need to know already how to shift or be willing to learn quickly. Regardless of their skill level, you will get a remote shut off control and can choose between four colors with red, blue, green, and black.

5. TAO TAO Fully Automatic 4 Stroke ATV

TAO TAO likes to keep things simple, and it can be difficult to tell one model from the next. The TAO 110B isn’t available in camo like its sibling but has the same sized 110cc engine bolted to the chassis. It also has the same gear set as you won’t find reverse on this one and its rear wheel drive to boot.

Not being able to back up is a bit of a downer, but it is automatic, so the rider will not have to shift. It’s sturdy enough to handle both children and adults as well with a weight limit of around 200 pounds and a “max” capacity of 250. The tires measure 14-inches all around, but the rear brakes are disc while the hand brake is a drum. When it comes to speed, it can hang with the best of them at around 30 mph and can be governed down to between 5-10 for safety or new riders.

There is not a lot of flair on his particular ATV, but it is a reliable option with a sporty look and all the standard features you would expect from this class. Putting it together will not require a degree, but you may need someone to lend a hand when it comes time to tune and tighten unless you have some mechanical skills.