12 Best Army Boots in 2017

Anyone seeking to join the army will be aware that the application process will require some hard work, as will the rest of his or her military career.

There will be much required of the body and mind of army personnel, and this pressure will extend to clothing and footwear that will need to be suitably hardwearing and high quality.

Whether marching in formation or taking part in operations, it is essential that army boots will be able to keep up and support the feet and body no matter what the task. In order to be suited for use in the army, boots need to comprise a certain range of features in order to be beneficial and it is prudent to be aware of these before committing to making a purchase.

A pair of the best army boots will stand up to the most unforgiving environments and fairly harsh treatment and still be able to provide sufficient support – reliable no matter what.

Top 12 Army Boots Overview Table

DesignNameOther ColorsUpper MaterialRating (1-5)
1. Blackhawk Men’s Warrior Wear Desert Ops Boots Yes Suede 4.7
  2. 5.11 Men’s A.T.A.C. 8″ Side Zip Boot Yes Leather/fabric 4.5
  3. Magnum Men’s Elite Spider 8.0 Boot Yes Leather 4.4
  4. Original S.W.A.T. 123201 Metro Air 9 In. Side-Zip Mens Black Boot No Leather 4.4
  5. Danner Men’s Tachyon 8″ Work Boot Yes Synthetic 4.3
  6. Maelstrom Men’s TAC FORCE 8 Inch Military Tactical Duty Work Boot with Zipper Yes Fabric 4.3
  7. Women’s Military Up Buckle Combat Boots Mid Knee High Exclusive Credit Card Pocket Yes Leather/fabric 4.1
 8. Rocky Men’s C4T Tactical Boot Yes Leather/fabric 4.1
  9. Maelstrom Men’s LANDSHIP 8 Inch Military Tactical Duty Work Boot with Zipper Yes Leather/fabric 4.0
  10. West Blvd Womens CAIRO COMBAT Boots Lace Up Military Army Motorcycle Biker Flat Mid Calf Shoes Yes Synthetic 4.0
  11. Rothco 8″ Forced Entry Desert Tan Side Zip Boot Yes Leather 3.9
 12. Rothco 8″ Desert Tan Sierra Sole Boot Yes Leather/fabric 3.9

Factors of the Best Combat Boots to Consider

  • Material – When considering the stated material from which the boots are made, it must be noted that this does not only relate to the upper, but also to the upper and the inner lining and the sole. It is possible for each part to be made from a different material, so it is necessary to ensure that each are suitable for purpose and easy to maintain.
  •  Color – The color of the boots is a factor to consider, as this will play a part in how useful they will be in the particular environment in which you will be working. This is particularly relevant where it will be necessary to be camouflaged.
  • Water Resistance – Ff there is a likelihood of you needing to work around any bodies of water, it will be a good idea to check the level of water resistance that the boots offer.
  • Ventilation – In many circumstances, army personnel will find that they can be wearing their boots for a significant single period of time, so boots that benefit from ventilating panels should make the use of the boots more comfortable.
  • Abilities – The ability of different vary and can make them useful in different scenarios. For example, if you find yourself in a scenario in which you have to rapidly move from one place to the other then quick lace-up boots will be useful, as would those that comprise a compartment to store items where they will be hidden.

Color Consideration

If your operations means that you will spend much of your time under the cover of darkness, black or dark brown boots would be the most prudent choice.

Sand or taupe colored boots are best is desert regions.

Top 4 Best Army Boots Reviews

1. Blackhawk 83BT02

These Blackhawk Men’s Warrior Wear Desert Ops boots look the part – hardwearing and rugged – though they are not actually physically too heavy. They support the ankle without going too far up the calf and are simple to lace up securely.

The upper is made from suede, which would not seem like the prudent choice, but that would only be when thinking about regular suede. This material seems to be made of tougher stuff and does seem to be as unstable as normal, as it does not damage easily.

They are made up of different panels, with some material being water-resistant and some being breathable for added comfort. They have a thick sole that provides a good grip on difficult terrain, which also adds to the comfort.

The details state that they have been tested in the field, which is a positive though it does not state what this testing entailed.

These Blackhawks are a good solid pair of boots that would benefit those needing hardwearing footwear that are not uncomfortable.

2. 5.11 5-12001-019-BLACK

These 5.11 ATAC boots look serious and appear to be ideal for those who intend to pursue a career in the military.

The pair tested was black leather, but they are also available in brown fabric so they can be suited to different environments.

As boots go, they feel true to size and are made quite comfortable by the cushioned inner lining. The inside also benefits from an antibacterial lining that makes it easy for moisture to flow away.

The thick sole is synthetic and injection molded, comprising slip-resistant treatment to add to the traction ability of the sole.

When handling the boot, the sole feels quite rigid but when it is actually on the foot, there is enough flexibility for it not to feel uncomfortable when worn for long periods.

The sausage laces are strong, but they comprise a side zip for ease of use and a side strap to secure them further, but it is not essential for this to be used when wearing the boots.

These 5.11 ATAC boots feel satisfyingly solid and like they can be relied upon over a long period. They even comprise a hidden compartment to store small items.

A great example of a practical pair of heavy-duty army boots.

3. Magnum Elite Spider 8.0 Boot-M

These leather Magnum Men’s military boots are available in two colors, which can be equated with sand and light brown. They look like suede and comprise different panels and overlays of mesh that is known as SpiderMESH and is designed to increase ventilation.

The sole is designed well to provide a good grip on uneven surfaces and it extends a little way up the toes for added grip and protection against wear.

The weave of the laces and the lining of the eyelets make them easy to lace up and the interior padding and the lack of metallic components make them quite comfortable.

These Magnum boots are ideal for those who want to benefit from technology that improves the use of army boots.

4. Original S.W.A.T. Metro Air 9″ Side-Zip-M

The Original SWAT Men’s Metro Air 9” boots are typical looking black leather boots that you would expect someone in the army to wear.

The sole is leather and designed for good traction, easy negotiation of a ladder and does not mark surfaces you will be walking or running on.

The upper is thick and supportive and feels durable, as if it can withstand a bunch of punishment. As thick as the sole is, the relevant supportive components are nylon so there are no metal parts that would set off a metal detector.

The laces can withstand significant pressure when pulled upon to lace and tighten the boots, and these Original SWAT boots also comprise an ankle strap to make them feel more secure on your feet.

One of the best army boots available for a reasonable price, which provide sufficient support for the feet and ankles while working in tough environments.