12 Best 7 String Guitars in 2018

It is safe to say 99% of the guitars in the world have six strings. Yes, there are 12-string guitars and all types of variants, but it’s rare to see anything else unless you are shopping for a specialty instrument.

Today we are going to talk about a unique model new guitarists may not be aware of since we will focus on the best 7 string guitar.

Whether you want to extend your range on the low end or the high side, a 7-string guitar can do the trick. As they are not that common, our list mainly consists of electric marvels although we did manage to dig up one 7-stringed wonder from the other side of the world.

Top Twelve 7 String Guitars Comparison Table

DesignNameLeft Handed OptionMultiple ColorsRating (1-5)
  1. Schecter Hellraiser C-7 FR 7-String Electric Yes Yes 4.6
  2. Ibanez Iron Label RG Series RGIX27FESM 7-String Electric Guitar No No 4.6
  3. Epiphone Matt Heafy signature Les Paul Custom 7 String Electric Guitar No No 4.5
  4. New Russian Seven 7 String Guitar No No 4.5
  5. Jackson JS22-7 Dinky – Satin Black No No 4.5
6. Dean C750X MRD Custom Series 7-String Solid-Body Electric Guitar No No 4.5
7. Ibanez GRG7221 7-string Electric Guitar White No Yes 4.2
8. ESP LTD M-17 7-String Electric Guitar No No 4.1
  9. Dean MAB7X CBK 7-String Solid-Body Electric Guitar No No 4.0
  10. Schecter Jeff Loomis JLV-7 NT Left Handed 7-String Electric Guitar Yes No 4.0
  11. Dean VNXM7 TBK Vendetta XM 7 String Electric Guitar No No 3.9
  12. ESP LTD V-307 Black Satin 7 String Guitar No No 3.7

Are You Prepared for a 7-String Guitar?

If you’ve found yourself looking through our guide for the best 7 string guitar, there’s a good chance you are looking to extend your range. That means you already have an idea of the sound you are seeking to produce from your new instrument, and are probably a seasoned guitarist. On the other hand, if you are new to guitars, you’ll want to think carefully about going 7-string.

Typically, 7-string guitars are of the electric variety and used in hard rock or metal where guitarists want to get lower than the 6th string will allow. If you’re going to play other styles of music and still want a lower tone, you can always tune down the E or switch out that string. It’s not a replacement for a 7th wire but does allow you to play more styles.

In a nutshell, new players should carefully consider this form unless they plan on owning additional guitars or are buying this one as an extra.


99% of the 7-string wonders on our list are electric guitars. As mentioned, that extra string is a beast with metal and rock music, which makes it best suited for electrics. We did find one acoustic model and others are available as well along with a few acoustic-electrics if you want the best of both worlds. That style is mainly reserved for folk, classical or regional types of music, but as with most instruments, the sound produced depends on the player as well.

As for the actual design of the instrument, the looks are almost as varied as you will find on a traditional electric guitar. There are instruments with the vibe of a Stratocaster (SuperStrat) and full-body beauties although you won’t find any Flying V’s or funky styles this time around. It is more about the finishes, frets, and fingerboards, which we will briefly discuss below.

Other Things to Consider

If you’ve settled on a style of guitar and are almost ready to pull the trigger, you’ll want to take a minute to think about a few more things so you can make an informed decision. Do you have trouble reaching frets or are you a left-handed player? Both of those issues can be solved depending on the model of guitar you roll with although the selection of left-handed guitars is sparse as always.

Other things to think about include the hardware on the guitar including the pickups and even the pickguard in some cases. You can switch those out if you don’t like the stock setup out of the box, but it’s always better to buy right the first time around.

Some guitars will also come with cases, tuners or additional accessories as unlike an acoustic, you can’t just pop an electric 7-string out of the box and play. You have to have an amp, cables and the proper setup.

Top Five Best 7 String Guitar Reviews

1. Schecter Hellraiser C-7 FR 7-String Electric

Schecter may not have the brand name recognition of Fender or Gibson amongst common folk, but experienced guitarists know they produce quality instruments. This 7-string beast is one of them, and if you have enough skill, will live up to its namesake by delivering hell raising sounds.

The Schecter Hellraiser C-7 is one of the pricier instruments to make our list, but for a good reason. Quality is at the forefront with this model from the Abalone gothic cross inlays to the Black Cherry finish. It’s a looker that has a tone to match its style and sports a Rosewood fingerboard with a Floyd Rose Tremolo bridge system and EMG Active 707-TW pickups.

This little humbucker has a sturdy set-neck construction with Ultra Access and a 26.5” scale. It also has 23 Extra-Jumbo frets to go along with top-notch electronics on the front.

This particular guitar is a rarity as it’s available for both right and left-handed guitarists. You can also choose between three hues with the aforementioned Black Cherry, Black with Grey accents and solid White.

2. Ibanez Iron Label RG Series 7-String Electric

If you dig our top pick but not necessarily the brand, you’ll appreciate with the Ibanez Iron Label 7-String Electric Guitar brings to the table. It’s from their RG lineup, which is top of the line and has one of the most unique finishes we’ve seen in quite some time.

The look of this guitar is referred to as “Foggy Stained Black, ” and while the fretboard is Ebony, that burnt wood look extends to the headstock as well. The Spalted Maple Top and Basswood body look stunning against the electronics. Those include EMG 707 pickups, a killswitch, and the Gibraltar Standard II-7 bridge.

This is an axe built for metal heads, and it shows from the style to the sound it will produce on stage. It also sports a “Nitro Wizard” neck, something we guarantee you’ll enjoy if you like fast necks with a bit of a curve.

This gorgeous hardtail is not for the faint of heart or new guitarists looking to get their feet wet on a 7-string. It is the perfect choice for seasoned players, however, which makes it a lock for our best 7 string guitar list.

3. Epiphone Matt Heafy signature Les Paul Custom

You can’t make a guitar list of any kind without including something from Epiphone. As you’d expect, the prolific manufacturer also makes exotics and 7-string instruments including this Matt Heafy electric guitar.

Matt Heafy is the lead guitarist for Trivium, a metal band, so you know a guitar carrying his name is going to play well. The Epiphone Signature Les Paul Custom has a clean Black design with white accents on the inlays, headstock and around the sides of the Mahogany body.

The famous Tune-o-Matic bridge is present as well. The pickups are going to be familiar as they used the popular EMG-707 and EMG 81-7. Other specifications to note for the Heafy signature model include a 24.75” scale length, 22 medium-jumbo frets and a 12” radius. The all-metal 3-way pickup is also nice to have on hand.

The Matt Heavy Signature is one of the few 7-string guitars actually to offer up something extra. You can pick up the guitar alone, but beginners will appreciate the fact there is an amp bundle available as well. The other package includes an Epiphone Hard Case which will fit this one along with any Les Paul Standards.

4. Trembita Russian 7-String Acoustic Guitar

As mentioned, most of the instruments we came across in the 7-string range are electric and geared towards rock and rollers. This Classical style guitar is an exception, as it sports 7-strings and is the Russian Style.

The Trembita Gipsy 266 is a regular acoustic guitar aside from the body/size and the fact it has an extra string. The construction is top-notch as they opted for a Rosewood top, Sycamore Maple Neck, and a Mahogany (or Lingamon Sapele) fretboard.

The fun continues on the top, sides, and back considering they are laminated with Carpathian Spruce and Sycamore Maple. That combined with the Matte look, gives it a unique sense of style. The scale length is set at 25.59” with 20 frets while the overall size is around that of a standard acoustic guitar.

Whereas some guitars are cranked out in factories, this one is hand made from the Ukraine. It will not come cased, but does have instructions if you want to set it up for Gipsy style playing right out of the box. It’s obviously not going to be for everyone although we promise this is a lightweight guitar that will impress you with its tone.

5. Jackson JS22-7 Satin Black Dinky Guitar

While you can find hundreds of guitars with wild flair and crazy colors, something about the color Black screams heavy metal. The Jackson JS22 Dinky can scream with the best of them, and it’s one of the more affordable options in the wild world of 7-string electric guitars.

Jackson kept things simple with the Dinky JS22. The blacked-out guitar is sans and flair aside from a white logo on the headstock. It’s a true hardtail that produces a big sound thanks to a Basswood body which features a bolt-on Maple neck.

While that’s a bit of a downer if you prefer set-in necks or the neck through style, that’s the only points we took away from this model. It also has 24 jumbo frets with piranha inlays and a 16” radius. The Frankenstein style neck is made from Maple, while the fingerboard utilizes Rosewood in the construction.

This guitar is an outstanding option for consumers that want to try a 7-string guitar, but don’t want to take a small loan out to scoop one up. It’s of average size with a scale length of 26.5” and sports high-output humbuckers to boot.