12 Best Backpacks for Men in 2018

When it is necessary to carry your belongings from one place to another, the vessel used will need to be sufficient for the task. This issue is not solely a woman’s domain.

No matter what type of activity is being undertaken, there are many occasions in which men will also find that they have the need for a practical and suitable bag.

However, simply grabbing any old bag will not do, as this does not automatically mean that it will be suited to its intended purpose.

There are a number of factors that it is necessary to consider to ensure that you get the right bag, rather than simply picking the first option.

By considering your needs and doing a little research, it will be possible to find the best backpacks for men, whether it is needed for work or for long distance running

Top 12 Backpacks for Men Overview Table

DesignNameOther ColorsWater ResistantRating (1-5)
  1. #1 Rated Ultralight Packable Travel Backpack Yes Yes 4.7
  2. Element Men’s Mohave Backpack, Element Red Yes No 4.7
  3. Under Armour Hustle II Backpack Yes Yes 4.6
  4. The North Face Jester Backpack NoNo 4.6
  5. Ibagbar Vintage Canvas Backpack Yes No 4.6
  6. Polare Unisex Canvas Casual Backpack Yes No 4.6
  7. The North Face Borealis Backpack Yes No 4.5
  8. High Sierra Swerve Pack Yes No 4.4
  9. KINGLAKE Vintage Unisex Canvas Leather Backpack Yes No 4.3
  10. SwissGear SA1908 Black TSA Friendly ScanSmart Laptop Computer Backpack No No 4.3
  11. BLUBOON(TM) Vintage Men Casual Canvas Leather Backpack Yes No 4.2
  12. EcoCity Vintage Canvas Backpack Yes No 4.2

How to Choose a Backpack

  • Size – Backpacks come in a wide range of different sizes and getting one of a suitable size will mean considering the intended use. For example, if the backpack will be used to carry a laptop, the size of the laptop must be noted before making a decision.
  • Water Resistant – In situations where it is not easy to get out of the rain or humid conditions, then a backpack that is water resistant would be beneficial so that you do not have to contend with working out how to dry your belongings.
  • Ability – A need to carry heavy items will not be satisfied with a backpack that is not strong enough to cope with this weight.
  • Style – If the backpack is designed to be worn in professional environments, then the appearance has to match this. By contrast, a casual look will be suitable for a bag that is needed for everyday use. This aspect can also include the color as not all colors will be appropriate in all situations, such as luminous yellow at a business meeting.

Aspects That Are Easy to Overlook

  • Reinforced Base – There will be many occasions when a backpack will need to spend time off your back and on the floor, which will mean that it benefits from a reinforced base that will reduce the amount of wear that it suffers and help it to stay upright.
  • Separate Compartments – Placing your belongings into separate compartments can help to protect them from damage and make them easy to obtain when necessary. A zipped separate compartment, for example, can also help to keep valuables secure.
  • External Pockets – If you need quick access to items without having to remove a backpack, then external pockets will prove useful. Those that are easily accessible without having to remove the backpack should also be considered.
  • Weight – The weight of an empty backpack is important as you need to bear in mind that this will increase when the contents are added. This is particularly important when the backpack is required for air travel.
  • Padding – Whether this is required for the benefit of the protection of the contents, or to protect your shoulders whilst it is in use, passing can prove to be highly useful.

Top 4 Best Backpacks for Men Reviews

1. HIKPRO Backpack

The HIKPRO Ultra Lightweight backpack lives up to its name as one of the first things that you notice about it is how light it is.

Besides this, it is amazing how small it is when it is folded up. The material is also thin, but this does not seem to take away from its benefits.

The small size of the bag when it arrives in its original packaging is deceptive as when it is unfurled, it is surprisingly spacious and has a 20-liter capacity.

Despite being thin and light, the material from which the backpack is produced is hardwearing as it is not only tear resistant, but also resistant to abrasions. In fact, the manufacturers are so confident about the quality of the material that they offer a 5-year warranty.

The shoulder straps are adjustable and do not slip once they are fixed, and they are comfortable to wear as they are made from a breathable mesh.

A handy exterior pocket can be zipped for security, which is in addition to two side mesh pockets that are ideal for a water bottle or umbrella.

An ideal backpack for hiking and to put in your luggage so it will be handy on your travels.

2. Element MABKCMOH

The Element Mohave backpack is for those that like to show their own style, but not stand out too much.

The bag comes in a number of different colors with the design a little different on each one.

There are three external pockets as well as one inner one, but besides that, there is only the main compartment in which to place items.

There is plenty of room for a laptop in the internal pocket, as well as other items quite comfortably.

The zip closure is smooth and the straps are comfortable.

The Element Mohave backpack seems ideal for a student, as it would be able to fit everything they need.

3. Under Armour 1263964-601

The style of the Under Armour Storm Hustle II means it can be used in a number of different circumstances. This is enhanced by the fact that it is available in a number of different colors.

The bright colors would benefit cyclists or runners who are outdoors at night, while the ones in muted colors would be suited to those that are using the bag within their professional life.

The shell of the backpack is nylon and polyester which makes it water resistant, with water running off the front pocket completely which would make this ideal for a purse or wallet.

The bag contains a laptop sleeve to keep a laptop of up to 15” securely in place.

A great backpack that has qualities that make it ideal for work or play.

4. The North Face CHJ4BTG-OS

The North Face Jester has all the qualities to make it ideal for a traveler as it will help benefit several aspects of the adventure.

The material is water resistant so the contents will remain dry, which can include a laptop as it comprises a dedicated sleeve.

The molded shoulder straps are adjustable to make the bag close fitting and prevented it from moving about while running or cycling.

The back panel is mesh so it is comfortable to wear for long periods and this is enhanced because the straps distribute the weight well.

The elastic strapping on the exterior is helpful as it allows for the storage of additional items, such as a jacket or umbrella.

This is one of the best backpacks for men as it can benefit a range of adventures.